StaticStop ESD Flooring

StaticStop ESD Flooring

Our StaticStop interlocking flooring tiles are the only ESD products available that have no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, and problem subfloors.

FreeStyle ESD™ Conductive and Dissipative Interlocking Flooring
FreeStyle ESD™ is the first and only decorative flooring system that is "conductive, connected and grounded"™. This unique and innovative flooring solution is easy to install without the need for messy adhesives, copper foil, underlayments or padding. This simplified and convenient installation process translates into less down time for your facility, which further translates into reduced costs and an improved bottom line. In addition, our floor tiles DO NOT require any conductive rejuvenators, wax, or expensive maintenance solutions.

SelecTile ESD™ Conductive and Dissipative Interlocking Flooring
SelecTile ESD™ flooring is a free-floating surface with a unique interlocking tab system. Our static-control flooring products install quickly and easily without the need for adhesives, copper strips, underlayments or padding. Our static-control systems were uniquely engineered to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments that require the highest level of electrostatic discharge protection, and still withstand industrial environments, including fork truck traffic. We offer a truly robust system that is completely scalable to any specification or intricate layout.

FreeStyle CVT™ Glue Down Conductive Vinyl Tile Flooring
FreeStyle CVT™ is a low-cost, reliable, and attractive alternative for your static-protection needs. This direct glue-down option is a perfect alternative to our FreeStyle ESD™ Interlocking floor when installing in open spaces, where downtime isn’t a concern and where subfloors are ready to accept glue-down flooring.

An Environmentally Smart Choice
Our StaticStop ESD flooring is manufactured with a minimum of 20% recycled materials, and is the only conductive flooring of its kind that can contribute to LEED™ points. Possessing LEED™ points or a LEED certification indicates that your organization exhibits an environmental consciousness, which can potentially equate to tax credits and or exemptions.


Both our modular and glue-down flooring are certified MAS Green. Only products that pass the stringent MAS tests can display the MAS Certified Green logo. This logo is your assurance our flooring is certified for low VOC emissions.

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